A Fitness Journey

“I try my best to help people without spending a lot money because I was that girl,” says Kristen Johnson. 

Johnson is a fitness trainer and with her partner, Sterling Duncan, she runs Phit45, a popular fitness training program that runs 6 days a week out of Atilis Gym in Egg Harbor Township. Johnson is thin, has muscles everywhere and has competed in bodybuilding competitions. You would never suspect that Johnson once struggled with her own weight and has lost 100 lbs herself.

Johnson is a 2005 graduate of Charter Tech. She married shortly after high school and it was during her first pregnancy, that she gained 80 lbs. That weight stayed on for 7 years. Johnson shares that it made her feel very self conscious and she would hide from the camera and even her own reflection in the mirror.
In 2014, Johnson was ready to make a change. It was the first time she had faced the scale in years and she was shocked at how heavy she had gotten. Johnson very more determined to drop the weight and become fit. “Making the change was hard as hell,” said Johnson “But it was harder to be uncomfortable in my own body.”

“It can also be hard to go to the gym especially for the people that need it the most,” says Johnson. Some people call it “gymitation” which is the word used to describe a common feeling of intimidation people have when beginning a fitness program. Johnson reflects upon her journey and says”I still identify with the heavy set girl in the back of the class. That is why I al-ways reach out to encourage her.” Johnson, through Phit 45 lost the weight and more importantly, she gained strength, health and confidence. She teamed up with Sterling Duncan and they now run Phit 45 together.

Johnson also trains 22 clients out of her Somers Point home in addition to Phit45 six days a week. One of her clients, Bonnie Miller said “My biggest problem has always been consistency and with her it is no longer my issue…. my biggest hurdle is gone because she stays on top of you and makes you accountable but at the same time understands and keeps it real and doesn’t let you “ beat yourself up” with negativity…. she’s been there and that’s what makes her different. She’s struggled like a lot of us women have and continually do. I just adore and love her, she’s the best!!!

Johnson is the proud mother of Joshua, age 9 and Faith, age 6. She has come a long way and she wants to help and let others know that “You do not have to settle. The strongest, healthiest version of you, is within your reach.”

If you would like more information about fitness training with Kristen, email faithba-sedfitnesskj@gmail.com