Nancy Adler, a certified nutritionist and practitioner in Linwood will be the nutritional columnist for Shore Local Newsmagazine. 

Optimal nutrition is important to us all and can be challenging in our ever increasingly “on the go” lifestyles. More energy, an improved appearance, decreased blood pressure and cholesterol levels and increased physical fitness are just some of the benefits to peak nutrition.

Whether you want to lose weight, get your health in check or improve your performance in your favorite sport, Nancy will be providing valuable tips and insights to get you to your ultimate goal.

In addition to her nearly two decades of experience, Nancy can be heard on Barbara Altman’s Front Porch radio program. She is a regular contributor on the subject of nutrition to Atlantic County Magazine and Go Jane.  

Nancy will be providing suggestions to help people learn the best way to eat.

We are very pleased that Nancy is joining our team here at Shore Local Newsmagazine.

Look for her column in the next issue of Shore Local Newsmagazine.