Fall Favorites

Ah, fall. Nothing beats crisp, cool wind, the crinkling of leaves under boots, and the smell of campfire at dusk. Almost 30 percent of Americans say that fall is their favorite season, and I am definitely one of them.

As I sit in a coffee shop, I notice that while everyone is obsessed with all things pumpkin spice, no one looks up from their phones or tablets.  Fall is a time when everyone, especially students, get busy. It’s important to look up from our work and embrace the beauty around us. With that in mind, here are some of my fall favorites:

Hot Apple Cider

Around early September, people go crazy for pumpkin spice lattes, but the unspoken hero of fall is hot apple cider. This drink is like apple juice, only a million times better. One of my favorite parts of living in Atlantic County is enjoying the beach in September. My twin sister, Holly, and I love to get apple cider from a local coffee shop and sit by the dunes in Ocean City. We read, talk about our favorite movies or memories, and watch the waves crash into the shore.

Warm, Fuzzy Blanket

As a college student, my life centers around writing papers, critiquing theories, and organizing campaigns. Why not do it in comfort? When the nights get chilly, I curl up in my knitted, throw blanket by the fire and study, watch Netflix, or have deep conversations with my roommates and friends.

Denim Jacket

The 90’s is back and better than ever. Denim jackets are truly versatile pieces, and go with almost anything! As the temperatures drop, I cling to my favorite hoodie-denim hybrid coat. It works well with casual dresses, athletic wear, but for the most autumn spirit, layer with a red flannel underneath.

Pro Tip: Scour local yard sales and consignment shops for a vintage look and low prices.

Birch Grove Park

Growing up in Egg Harbor Township, Birch Grove Park has been a memorable part of my childhood. The park has a multi-level playground, a lake, hiking trails, and even a covered bridge! As the leaves change colors, take your family and friends for picnics, playtime, and photoshoots. The park also offers a fall hayride for families that feature Halloween-themed scenes and attractions. For a little more spook, check it out!

Football Games

Nothing brings people together like a football. Cheering for a common cause, being active, and having fun make any sports event worthwhile. Whether you’re a pro or high school football fan, get your family or friends together and show your pride.  I’m personally not super big into sports, but when it comes to watching games, I love to rally up my friends and cheer the loudest in the stands.

South Jersey may be known for its warm summers and beautiful beaches, but fall brings its own unique set of adventures. As we transition into a new season of life, let’s get excited for the thrill of autumn.