From the Editor

“The ants go marching two by two..” Every time I hear that song, I visualize the summer traffic on the Parkway. It all begins this Friday – the official kickoff to the summer season. Tourists will come by the thousands to enjoy our beaches, bays, and all that the islands have to offer.

I’ll admit that it it can be a little annoying to be stuck in that traffic. It can be frustrating to struggle to find a parking spot practically anywhere. But summer at the shore does bring a certain excitement.  All of the seasonal businesses are open and booming. There is an expectant buzz in the air as local shops prepare to welcome the influx of customers.

It’s easy to take for granted the beauty that is so readily accessible to us at the shore. Whether we live on the islands or inland, we are fortunate to be close to the ocean and its extraordinary atmosphere all year long. We are so fortunate to live where we do. The thousands of visitors who flock our way for holiday weekends and summer getaways serve as a welcome reminder of that.

Whether you are a year-round or weekend resident, you can count on Shore Local Newsmagazine to keep you in the know. We will continue to spotlight the people, places, events, and businesses that make our community the place to be in the summer and all year long.

Peace & Love,