How The Eagles Did It And You Can Too

How The Eagles Did It And You Can Too

By Jeff Whitaker

Thinking of throwing in the towel; calling it quits? Think again. Just ask Super Bowl Champion quarterback Nick Foles. He was this so close to retiring last year. As a backup to Carson Wentz and not much hope for a future in the NFL, he considered cutting his losses and hanging up the laces. But he didn’t. With quite a bit of encouragement to hang in there, Foles had second thoughts. And after this last season, I’m certain he is glad he did.

In my last article, I wrote about the many lessons we can learn from this years Philadelphia Eagles team. After this past weekend, there are even more to take to heart. The great thing is that these lessons apply to our personal lives as well as our careers and more. After watching an exciting and nail biting victory, here is what I came away.

Always be role-ready. Just as Nick Foles was prepared to step up from the bench at a time of need, we need to be ready to do the same in whatever role we that we currently find ourselves. Recognize that we need to wake up everyday to learn, be open to growth and always prepared to step into a new position of leadership or responsibility on a moments notice.
Attitude and mindset trump others opinions of you. Like the Eagles, sometimes it’s good to be the underdog. It can even give you a psychological edge if you allow it. How each of us view ourselves and our circumstances in any situation can far outweigh the influence and opinions of those who may discount or eliminate us from the game. This isn’t just about the game of football. This applies to the game of life as well. Charles Swindoll said that he is convinced that life is 10% what happens to you and me and 90% how we react to it. Don’t allow someone else to write your story.
Preparation pays off. If you watched the Super Bowl, you’ll remember the one play that many consider a defining moment in the game. Nick Foles, in an instant, stepped out of his role as quarterback and became the received and scored a pivotal touchdown. It was a play the team had worked on and saved for just the right time. Coming to the moment prepared and knowing when to execute is key to victory in any endeavor we take on.
Never let up. Coach Pederson emphasized going into the Super Bowl that he had respect for the Patriots and knew that there was no room for let up once the game started, no matter what the score. It’s great advice for all of us to know the strength and power of the odds playing out against us. We have to then realize the importance of not letting up or taking anything for granted. Any worthwhile in life that we tackle isn’t over until the clock says zero. As Winston Churchill so famously said, “Never, never, never give up.”

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