How To Share Your Unique Story

By Jeff Whitaker

In my last article, I shared that we all have a story to share.  This week, I’m going to share some tips on how to formulate and share the story that is uniquely yours.  I’ll offer suggestions that will help you whether in your personal or business life.

After decades communicating on radio, television, from podiums and blog posts, it really crystalized for me several years ago when I saw the movie, The King’s Speech. (If you haven’t seen it yet, do yourself a favor and watch it).  The idea that we are all where we are for a reason, placed there with a voice that needs to be heard.  You might not think you have a platform.  But you do.

In The King’s Speech there is a line where the king is challenged by his speech coach who asked tauntingly, “Why should I listen to you?”  In frustration, the king says, “Because I have a voice!!”  Like the king, you have a voice.  The challenge is how to stand out from the rest, how to get heard above the clutter of the crowd, how to give voice to your vision.

I’m going to suggest three ways to begin to formulate your story in a compelling way that interests and engages others.

  1. Put Pen To Paper –  Write it down.  Tell your story from the beginning.  Think about how you arrived to the place you are today.  Go way back to your childhood, your dreams, your aspirations.  What journey brought you to where you are now?  Write down your struggles, challenges, victories and accomplishments.

  1. Refine Your Results – Don’t worry about getting it all perfect. Once you have it written down, go back and edit.  You will be surprised what you come up with.  I promise you within your story you will find dreams realized, lessons learned; a unique story that is you and worth sharing within the context of your world and sphere of influence.

  1. Share Your Story –  Now find a way to tell others.  There is no shortage of ways to communicate today.  The days of the gatekeepers who made it nearly impossible to share your story without a ton of money and insider media contacts are gone. Social Media and a host of other outlets including your own blog or video podcast means there is no excuse.

In my seminar, The Power Of The Story, I walk you step by step through a more in-depth process. But this will get you started. The next step is up to you.

What’s your story?  The world is waiting to hear.

Jeff Whitaker is a lifelong communicator and storyteller. He is a certified trainer, coach and speaker with The John Maxwell Team. Jeff’s goal is to encourage excellence in individuals and corporations through leadership and communications training. Connect with him at, through The Jeff Whitaker Company on Facebook or @jeffwhitaker on Twitter.


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