Never Lose Your Sense of Humor


By Samantha Gill

I have a sign that hangs on the back of my front door that reads: “Never Lose Your Sense of Humor”

I pass it when when leaving the house- along with the “Serenity Prayer.”

I have lost minutes in the morning looking for my keys but never thought to hang a sign to remind myself about sense of humor I seemed to need a very large sign along with the serenity prayer, right in my 5’10 height’s eyesight so         I see this as a reminder as I walk out the door. Mom Goals.

It’s not that I don’t have a good sense of humor. I do. I love funny. I love old-school funny. “Airplane-the-movie-funny”, “SNL-Will-Ferrell-Sherri-O Teri-Cheer­leader-skit-funny”, “Bill-Murray-Funny”…

I just find that day to day it’s easy to ‘lose your sense of humor” along with your patience, and a few other things if you don’t do what my good friend Pam reminds me to do: “Practice the Pause”, on a constant basis and then follow this with a sense of humor AND the serenity prayer.

As a divorced Mom of 2 daughters, a 6 and a 8 year old, I find lots of day to day “stuff” very interesting. I can understand now why Mom’s can be “misunderstood” or maybe taken out of context or even prejudged. There is a lot of “unsaid business” in this whole parenting world. We carry it with us every morning as we walk out the door hoping we look completely put together. We’re coming across a certain way which can be misinterpreted and an impression is made. And before we know it, without even talking to one another, we’re communicating something. Maybe we’ve lost our sense of humor and the ability to lose ourselves around one another, to be sad or really happy. We need to be able to be ourselves without fear of what we will say, or if we will be emotional or cry. Sometimes I’m having a great day and I feel like I am on top of my “mom game.” These are the days I like to be sure I am SHAR­ING my vibes with others. I can’t just keep in it in my pocket selfishly hoping it will just stay safe within myself for the day.

It’s so important to be the person who pays it forward. There is someone ‘out there’ who just may need YOU that day. And if you pay attention, you’ll see how you are truly needed “out there”. I encourage all of us, to never lose our sense of humor, pause, stop, talk to one another and better yet, remember, we’re all in this together.