Ocean City Olympian

By Lindsay Kirkland

Ocean City native Renee Tomlin is a triathlon national team member currently training for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.

She is a 2006 graduate of Ocean City High school and was a standout in both Track and Field and Swim team. Tomlin recieved a scholarship to Georgetown University where she recieved her masters degree in linquistics in 2013.

We caught up with Tomlin while she was home visiting her mom who still resides in Ocean City. Tomlin, now 28, warmly shares that her mom has been more than 100% supportive of her journey. Tomlin was also a lifeguard for the Ocean City Beach Patrol and reminisces about the coaches and mentors that encouraged her along the way. “Paul Minehan was a great mentor along with my high school coaches and all the women that work at the Community Center. Karen Pratz taught me how to swim when I was 3 years old,” shares Tomlin.

Even while visiting her hometown, Tomlin maintains a rigorous training schedule. Before meeting at 11am, she had already ran 45 minutes and biked for 2 hours. Her training is a full time job and commands 8 hours a day. In a few days she will be traveling to Australia to meet with her training group. Later this year, she will also be training in Spain. “I’ve gotten to travel the world and see it from different perspectives like from the water and biking. I’ve gotten to meet different people and see different cultures and I am so thankful to have had tjese experiences,” saus Tomlin.

Tomlin is currently ranked World Triathlon Series – 14th and on the ITU points list – 17th. Tomlin’s goals are to “represent my country and to perform on that day.” Her advice to aspiring young olympians is “You can do. Maintain your cool and your passion. There will be ups and downs and a lot of people saying no before you hear yes. Just keep working hard and pushing forward.”

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