Thriving Seas bandmates are on the Somers Point Beach for an event for their church Mission Point Church in Somers Point.
Members of the band Thriving Seas have fun performing for their first video shot outside a home overlooking the water in Ocean City, Wednesday, Sept. 20

Lyrics to “Sticks & Stones” by Thriving Seas

Sticks and stones will break your bones, but words will never hurt. 

The words we say, will fade away, but the scars still remain. 

What goes around, wears your down, makes its way into the ground. 

But you find that in time it, will make it back around. 

Back around, oh oh. Oh oh, oh. 

We think we know the seeds we sow, that we can just leave them behind. 

But as we go, they start to grow. 

Gonna reap what we have sewn. 

Shore Local Talent: Thriving Seas

By Maddy Vitale

OCEAN CITY –  Thriving Seas is a folk-rock group with members who met in church. They have an incredible chemistry and music just as special.

While sitting on a patio overlooking the water in Ocean City, they played some music, laughed and joked, as the sun set Wednesday evening, Sept. 20. Paul Aspenberg, the drummer, popped up every so often to check the video equipment.

The group was capturing footage to depict their “good vibe” to go with audio already shot for their first video.

Instruments such as the bass, electric guitar, drums, harmonica, banjo, mandolin and even a melodica, which sounds like an accordion with a handheld keyboard and an attachment to blow into, with the help of fresh and upbeat vocals from the members complete the simple, fun, folksy sounds of Thriving Seas.

Good vibes, clean living, having a good time and just making good folk-rock is what Thriving Seas is about.

The bandmates are Aaron Palermo, 39, of Marmora, head of the band, guitar and vocals, Aspenberg, 40, drums, Dakota Mason, 26, electric guitar, and Josh Zimmer, 26, bass, all of Egg Harbor Township, Alex Kyle, 26, guitar, mandolin and vocals and Gabby Millet, 21, vocals, both of Ocean City and harmonica player Glenn Taylor, of Mays Landing. Palermo, Kyle and Millet write the songs and harmonize together.   

Thriving Seas formed just over a year ago, but its members have known each other for seven years through Mission Point Church in Somers Point. They performed for a while as Aaron Palermo Music.

So, how did Thriving Seas get its name?

“Alex sent me a list of about 25 or 30 names. It was the first one that stood out to me,” Aspenberg said. “We all live near the ocean. It is all about abundance and living a healthy lifestyle.”

Their CD as Thriving Seas is titled: “Out on a Limb.” The best songs on it, according to Palermo are, “An Eye Open,” “Sticks & Stones” and “Not Coming Around.”

The song on a CD when the band performed as Aaron Palermo Music is a song they clearly have fun with titled “September.” It is about when the tourists leave, and the locals get the beautiful beaches back while the weather continues to be wonderful.

Throughout the couple of hours that the band made the video, they did anything but lip sync. They sang September a few times, practiced different sounds and even thought up new lyrics. One song they created new lyrics for. It didn’t really have a name yet.

Kyle said it’s “The Cave.” But the way they strummed, sang and tapped on a drum, it was as if it was an old song they were replaying. They laughed a bit and joked some more and shot video with their phones of each other.

It’s all about making good music and having fun, the bandmembers said.  

Thriving Seas performs for many charities and surf and beach-related events and would love to book events.

For a copy of the Thriving Seas CD “Out on a Limb” visit, iTunes or Spotify. For more information about the band visit Thriving Seas Facebook page or