The Light with Raymond Tyler


The Light with Raymond Tyler

Salute to The Eagles and Their

I want to take this moment to salute the Super Bowl Champion Eagles.
Question is now…who starts day one of the 2018-19 Season? Carson Wentz or Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles?

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

We all know money can’t buy love. However, it can buy the gifts that will win affection on valentines day.

Here are a few suggestions just in case Cupid gets confused on the way to your place.

Book A Consultation With A Lifestyle Specialist/Stylist!
The Light Pick: Stella Williams of
The right stylist can turn a woman, a man or a couple’s life around for the better. Stella Williams can sit down with you and help your lady/man develop a winning look that will pay off at their job, in their social life and also where the couple does couple things.
Sometimes people are so focused on the day to day, they do not take time out to be, look or live a special life. A Great Lifestyle Specialist can fix that. (not that you’re broken.)

Underwear is Fun To Wear
You almost never go wrong with pretty lingerie. Check out the Hamilton Mall.
The Light Pick 1- Fellas if your lady is built like a supermodel,Victoria’s Secret will do the trick. You can pick out something classy or something risque. Whichever you pick will get the sparks flying.
The Light Pick 2-Fellas,if your lady is built more like a real super woman with more curves, sneak and find your ladies sizes and go and get some lingerie from Torrid (they have a selection of sizes beyond Supermodel slim.

Jewelry-Girls Best Friend!
The good news is that in 2018 you can go high end or modest and still win your girls heart with something shiny.

The Light Pick 1-If you are going high end? Go right. Visit Sage Jewelers in Northfield. They can help you pick out the right diamond and cut for that engagement ring. They can get your wedding band sized right. Sage has a stunning collection of everything from rings to watches.
If your mate doesn’t like a gift from Sage they don’t like gifts. FYI: They have some great gifts for men as well.

If you want to go away for a few days and enjoy sun and warm weather?
Why not contact AAA South Jersey at
They can handle all the arrangements and you can concentrate on the romance.

If staying close to home? Atlantic City has several great romantic options.

Light Pick 1-The Borgata Water Club is perhaps the most beautiful and sexy space in South Jersey. You can request rooms and suites with kinds of bells and whistles (like pools and in room massage.)

Light Pick 2-Some people just do not like The Casino Life and so for them I would suggest The Flagship Resort. Every room is a suite and the views of the ocean and Atlantic City are breathtaking.

There are many great places in the area to also get a wealth of other wonderful gifts, flowers, candy and more. Happy Valentines Day to all.

Date Change-Our Light First Fridays at Naomi’s Cafe has been changed to April 6th at 6pm.
Admission is $5 and The Light Family will be curating a pop up art gallery and a live performance cafe. For more information go to

Also check out my site for more picks and pictures!

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