We Rise by Lifting Others

We Rise by Lifting Others

By Krystle J. Bailey

Have you ever found yourself running a race that you never signed up for? You find yourself trying to keep up with other women that seem just like you but they have it a little more together than you do. You wonder if they remember when the starting buzzer sounded or if it’s just you that doesn’t remember when this race began. You see them with their perfect marriages, perfect kids, and perfect bodies and they set your standard for what winning looks like so you keep pressing forward to rise to the top, to achieve more, and to win this race. The one you don’t remember signing up for to begin with.

If so, you’re not alone.The idea of women trying to keep up with each other is nothing new but add in the world of social media, and it takes our competition to new heights. We are addicted to a never ending highlight reel of perfection and where does that leave most of us? It leaves us feeling inadequate in more ways than one. It leaves us feeling like we need to do, be, and achieve more. This hypothetical race that we have built in our own minds is useless and powerless without us though. Without women in all of our grace, glory, and strength, the race can’t exist. There was no starting buzzer and there is no finish line. It’s just us – in it together.

We have the power to drop out of this race and in doing so, we have the power to encourage other women to do the same. Hey, we can do away with the race all together. We just need to believe in ourselves and believe in each other. We need to remember that there is enough shine on this boat for all of us to win and that when women empower women, the whole world shifts.

So, are you ready to live your most authentic life, free from competition? It begins here. Let’s encourage and empower each other to rise above in a whole new way. Let’s remind each other that who we are is enough and believe the same truth within ourselves. Your marital status, social status, or parenting techniques are not for me to keep up with or judge. I think you’re amazing because you’re in this life, just like me, trying to put your best foot forward every day. I believe in you and I believe in a world where women truly believe that who they are today is enough. Let’s rise

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