We Salute You – The Patriot Riders Honoring Our Veterans and First Responders

We Salute You – The Patriot Riders

Honoring Our Veterans and First Responders

By Cynthia Coons

I am proud to be a part of the Patriot Riders of America, New Jersey, Chapter 1. I am a member of a group devoted to honoring our nation’s heroes, those deserving of all of our thanks and praise. Sadly, many Veterans are forgotten, spending the ladder part of their lives in Nursing home care, sometimes with limited government assistance. These Veterans at times lack certain basic essentials that we might take for granted such as socks, undergarments, or certain other basics. These Veterans in many cases do not have family to help out. Although the Veteran facilities, and care providers do a great job, and give these honorable ladies, and Gentlemen care, and compassion they appreciate community involvement in the form of donations, of various types, a helping hand, or simply a visit at Holidays. These Veteran facilities have recreational departments with coordinators, however they can do only so much at times, and always show a tremendous amount of appreciation to all community organizations that offer assistance. Organizations sponsoring a cookout, or a holiday party for the Veterans healthy enough to attend make a huge difference in their lives, and the Nursing facilities make every effort to work together with community organizations to make it all happen. sometimes we can transport the Veterans to certain events, and at other times we can take the event to them at the Nursing Facility. I have the honor of speaking on behalf of some of our Veterans, only because I am a part of an organization that raises money and donates 100% of the proceeds towards Veterans.
Our next fundraising event is a Beef and Beer to be held on February 17th at King Pin Lanes in Egg Harbor Township. The ticket sales are going towards the cost of the event at King Pin Lanes, and EVERYTHING over, or above goes towards our community’s Veterans. There will be a Chinese Auction, with the opportunity to win some amazing gifts that have been generously donated by our local businesses and friends. ALL proceeds once again go towards our Veterans.
If anyone reading this article has ever been a parent of a Girl Scout selling cookies, or selling food in a stand at a football game, or collecting donations outside of a Supermarket for the school club, or a member of ANY group trying to raise money for their organization, you know how difficult it is to ask for money from strangers. Pride is put aside for the greater good, you ask anyone and everyone to help out, because you BELIEVE in what you are doing. It is for the greater good of someone that can’t do it without you.
I am proud to be a member of the Patriot Riders of America, New Jersey, Chapter 1. We support our Community and it’s Veterans and First Responders. I will shamelessly ask for donations on behalf of this organization, I will honorably donate my time and efforts alongside my fellow brothers and sisters, we will always be grateful for the support we are given on behalf of the Veterans and First Responders, and we will always show our appreciation on behalf of the Community without asking for anything but continued support.
On behalf of the Community in which we hope to continue contributing to, Thank You. We Salute You, Atlantic County.

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